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Some Questions to Consider about the Cost of Conflict in Your Workplace

  1. How much is spent on lawyers, litigation, and human resources time related to conflict?
  2. How much time is the average manager spending each week trying to prevent, manage or resolve conflicts? At what salary?
  3. What are the costs of stress-related illness and conflict-related turnovers?
  4. How much time is spent on rumors, gossip, lost productivity and reduced collaboration due to conflict?
  5. What is the impact of conflict on staff morale and motivation?
  6. How many conflicts recur because they are never fully resolved?
  7. What customers, creativity, and opportunities are lost due to conflict?
  8. Where might the organization be now had it not experienced these conflicts?
  9. What are the core values of the organization regarding conflict?
  10. What are the main messages sent by organizational culture regarding conflict?
  11. How are negative conflict behaviors rewarded?
  12. How do leadership and management typically respond to conflicts?  How might they respond better?
  13. Have employees been trained in conflict resolution?
  14. What do people do when they have conflict? Where do they go for help?
  15. Is there an internal mediation process? Who can use it? How often is it used?
  16. How satisfied are employees with existing resolution processes?
  17. How skilled are managers in using these processes?
  18. What hinders the use of existing resolution processes?
  19. How can employees be motivated to use them?
  20. Are you interested in a collaborative solution to your conflict culture?

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