Conflict Coaching

You’re an HR professional and there is an employee, mid-level manager, or an executive or who is experiencing a lot of conflict at work.

Maybe this person has been written up, and there’s been more than one complaint filed.

On the other hand, they have a lot of wonderful qualities and you’re not ready to let them go yet.

Having a conflict coach will help him or her design a better way to communicate more effectively and handle their everyday conflicts at work with grace and ease. 

Conflict coaching is a one-to-one process where the coach helps the coachee, “…develop more clarity about the situation…[and] help the coachee rehearse a conversation so that the coachee is prepared to more confidently enter into the conflict resolution discussion,” (citation). 

Conflict coaching can also be applied to the mediation process where the parties have an opportunity to speak with the mediator one-on-one.

If you are interested in retaining a key employee who is having conflict at work, or you feel that you could benefit from conflict coaching, then contact me today for your FREE no obligation, consultation. 

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