Negotiate Wins

negotiation coaching

The good news is that you’re up for a promotion at work.

The even better news is that position means more money.

The problem is that negotiating for the salary you deserve makes you breakout into a cold sweat.

Negotiation Coaching will help.

Not only do I have a Master’s in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, I  also have over 25 years of sales and management experience in the technology industry.

Many times I was the only woman at the meeting or at the negotiating table.  I learned that taking care of my financial needs and being paid for the value I brought to the company was my responsibility.

I learned too how to negotiate in a way where my employers also recognized my value and gladly compensated me accordingly.

Negotiation isn’t about bullying or being the loudest person in the room, it’s about presenting win-win situations so that everyone succeeds.

Through my education and my personal experience I developed a  3-part system to successful negotiation, called “Negotiate Wins.”

The skills you’ll learn will stay with you for a lifetime, and help you to better negotiate with your children, spouse, partner, and even the car salesman.

If you think that negotiation coaching is for you, then contact me today for your FREE no obligation, consultation today.

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