Strategic Negotiation FAQ

What is Strategic Negotiations Coaching?

Many people, especially women have a difficult time asking for and getting promotions and raises at work.  But with some coaching and a plan to market yourself to your employer, you can get the money you deserve and the promotion you want.

Why you might want to consider getting help.

Statistics show that women just don’t ask for what they want.  If women spent more time promoting themselves, there would not be a wage gap. That is, women are paid only 77% of what men are paid for a comparable job and experience.  Study show also that a women college graduate rarely negotiates her starting salary for her first job out of school.  She “may sacrifice over a half million dollars in earnings by the end of her career. “ Women Don’t Ask” (2007). If this sounds like you, it’s not your fault. Coaching is a terrific way to gain the confidence and learn the skills you need to get the salary you deserve.  

Can I really learn to be a good negotiator?

If you think about it, you negotiating on a daily basis.  You’re probably negotiating with your spouse or partner about who will pick the kids up from school, where to go for dinner and what movie to see afterwards.  You negotiate with your children to their eat vegetables and do the chores. You are negotiating in areas where you feel confident.  

Negotiation is a skill that you can learn and adapt to all areas of your life.   Negotiation coaching will build your self-confidence and help you to promote yourself with ease and authenticity. 

Can I learn to build my self–confidence?

Many women believe that if they do a great job, their boss will give them a promotion or raise.  This is a fatal mistake.  The men that you are working with talk about themselves, promote themselves and are usually the ones who get the promotion. Both genders benefit from being self-confident, and you can learn how to be confident enough in your abilities to ask for what you want…without feeling guilty.  With negotiation coaching you will also learn about the art of receiving and giving positive and negative feedback. Emotions need to be left at the door.


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