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You Should Use Mediation to Solve Landlord Tenant Issues….It Will Save You Money

The court system is difficult to navigate when you have to file an unlawful detainer against a tenant.

Between the time it takes to serve the 3 day notice, file the unlawful detainer, get a court date, possible delays, time in court and the final lock-out by the sheriff, it can end up costing thousands of dollars.  The expenses are even more if you have to hire an attorney to represent you.

     Mediating these cases before they get to court can save time, money and stop issues from escalating.  Mediation can be used immediately, and is most effective before filing the unlawful detainer.

Many disputes start as misunderstandings and escalate to the point of a tenant withholding rent or calling the health department or worse.  These inevitably force the landlord to move forward with an eviction.  Using mediation can save you money and bring a more peaceful solution to these situations. It can ultimately save a tenant or possibly help to get a problem tenant to move without using the eviction process.

Creating a neutral atmosphere to talk through solutions that will benefit the landlord and the tenant is a great alternative to going to court. Mediation allows solutions that are not possible within the judicial system and therefore leads to more satisfactory solutions for all parties involved.

     In the mediations that I conduct at court, it is clear that there is a dis-connect between the tenant and landlord.  If they would have taken the time to listen to each other they wouldn’t find themselves in front of a judge.

     By the time the parties are in court, thousands of dollars have been lost, a tenants credit has been ruined and the mediation is about when the tenant is going to move and how much money they are going to have to pay.  Or in many cases, the main concern is just getting possession of the property as soon as possible, with thousands of dollars never to be collected.         All of this could have been solved in a more peaceful way and saved everyone time, money and stress using mediation. The next time you have a problem tenant, take the time to hire a skilled mediator, it could save you thousands.

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